3D animation

3 dimensions of animation


Do you know that there are only a dozen or so 3D animation studios in Poland? Since 2012 we have been running one of them. We will prepare a professional animation starring your product here.

We will create virtual film studio for you. We will show your product in the 3D world in the best possible way. We will put special care to every detail: from camera movement, through the angle of light to the texture of all objects.

You want a guarantee of professionalism? This is why you have come to the right people:

  1. We produce dozens of advertisment animations, which are broadcast in Poland-wide TV stations.
  2. We have film experience, which we can bring to the virtual world.
  3. We have a sound studio at our disposal. We record voice-over, dubbing and music compositions there.
  4. We have a 3D printer, which enables us to print the models out of the virtual world.
  5. We know advertisment techinques and we know what will convince the customers to your products.
  6. We also produce animated films and short 2D animations.

You are short on time? To make the projects execution faster, we invested in our own render farm, the computing power of which reaches 140 GHz. Thanks to that, our 3D animations are made considerably faster than those prepared by competition.



Production of a commercial for BUDMA fair for 2013. The commercial was broadcast on TVN 24 and TVP 1, as well as various local TV stations.



AmeriGas NANO

For a promotional video for gas cylinder amerigas nano, the Meggot agency team created a completely virtual kitchen scenography, together with the tiniest details; as well as an animation of flames on a gas stove, based completely on gas and participle simulation.



A made-for-TV commercial produced for the Town Hall of Kołobrzeg. This advertisement won the first prize on YABC 2013.



A logo animation made for the video materials for acting studio STA.




Maria Magdalena

Animated special effects for Maria Magalena’s (a Polish singer, Justyna Steczkowska’s stage name) feature-length music video. We created a cosmic fountain of energy fully generated in 3D.


Motorshow 2015

TV commercial for MotorShow Fair 2015 for Poznań International Fair. The production of this commercial took 2 months and included such stages as creation and production of music by a professional composer, production of visualisation for a light emitting medium and creation of high-quality models and materials.