3D visuals

New dimension in visuals


You would like to present your company in a special way? You have come to the right people! We will bring a new dimension to your business image and make your clients and competition remember you for a long time.

What will we do for you?

  • We wil create realistic product model in an attractive setting.
  • We will show the best of your product – providing suitable lighting and perspective.

Choose our 3D visualisations – they will boost the sale of your products. Thanks to us, you will be able to achieve all your promotional and sales goals. We will also help you at the prototyping stage.
Why should you trust us?

  1. We have experience with projects for many different lines of business, especially the food business.
  2. We know the market trends and the customers’ needs.
  3. We have an advanced technical knowledge concerning visual 3D effects.
  4. We have our own render farm, thanks to which we will execute your order faster than the competition.

Look at our previous projects and ask for an offer for you! Time to bring a new dimension to your business!






A series of visualisations presenting gas cylinders, their components and the cages they were stored in; prepared for a company Amerigas. Both static renders and animations.




Visualisation of all the cosmetic products of Kontigo store chain. We have created 300 renders for three different brands: MOIA, Mystik and Moov. All the products have been recreated in scale and prepared for more visualisations and beauty renders. Thanks to the 3D technology, we can influence the consistency of lighting, the quality of the materials and the reapeatability of different shots. Ultimately, using those models, we can also prepare animations or compositional renders.



A natural expansion of work in 3D environment is our support for prototyping. On the basis of architectural or construction files we prepare models for high-quality visualisation and models ready for 3D printing. It helps our clients to become acquainted with the prototype in the real world, which is an exceptional advantage. We made projects of: vending machine cases, bodywork for lorries etc.



Food products

We create renders presenting realistic design of the packaging graphic. Thanks to them, the clients can see their products with our render before they are produced. This gives more control over the final reception of the executed projects. We can also create beautiful promotional renders in an unusual resolution with an absolute control over every detail. In our archives there are 240 different models of packagings, from all sorts of cans to complicated models of crisps packagings or sausages.