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We deny all the rumors claiming that we are a bakery…
The only “pastry” that we would like to treat you with stimulates the visual-aesthetic sense.

We are a creative agency that deals with design on the field of graphics, film and 3D animation. According to the “creativity” in the name of the company we don’t use ready-made templates, as each order is treated by us individually. Additionally as a very important issue we consider communication with our customers, therefore we use innovative tools, giving insights into the projects and enabling the customer to express opinions on every stage of the project’s development. We offer our customers the highest quality, reliability, punctuality, as well as many years of our experience.



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Adobe CC

Multipurpose set of software applications for design in different media types. CC edition makes our company always up to date.


This project management service truly changed the way we work with our clients. You can be sure, full transparency on board.


Online Proofing Software