Oferta dla partnerów


Why read this?

There are a number of reasons why you
should consider our offer outlined in here:

Our experience and abilities guarantee a quality design.

Diverse team allows us to build comprehensive

We design for international audiences.

Better prices for you, due to our location in Poland.

We offer you cost effectiveness and high quality capacities
to work on design jobs for you.

Why do we think we have quality?

7 years in advertising design.

More than 60 clients from all over the world.

Team of specialists

in branding, graphic design,
3D animation, and movies.


Why do we think we have depth?

  • In-house photography studio.
  • Meggot offers a wide range of services – design, film, 3D and photography.
  • One of our specialisations is photography and design for food industry including packaging design (we made graphic design for over 300 packagings).
  • We also worked for the chemical, pharmaceutical, entertainment, cosmetic and finance industries.
  • We cooperate with native speakers of foreign languages – for translation and proof reading of our projects.
  • Standardised and efficient designing process.
  • We work with Basecamp and ProofHQ – online project management tools.

Why do we think
we are cost-efficient?

We provide high quality work and design in sync with ongoing world-wide trends. Our team has education and longtime experience in design.

Our headquarters is located in Poland which makes for a cost-effective solution for west European clients. Therefore we can provide best possible ROI.


Working for you as a white label company means that you can use our capacities to your advantage and sell your clients our design under your brand.

We can help you deliver the quality you need all within the price that will save your margin but at the same time, we’ll take the hassle from you.

In what situations may you need us?