Packaging design

Packaging design

The interior is important… but so is the package!

Yes. You are right. Package is of extreme importance for the sale and reception of your product – we know it very well! We have been dealing with packaging design for years. Only in 2014 we have introduced more than 300 (SKU) for store shelves.

Now we will also prepare the package for your products.
Maximise your sales with:

  • The best packaging in your industry
  • Unique design in line with the current trends
  • Ready-to-print projects (Desktop Publishing)
  • The stylistic variety of our graphic designers

We design packaging for all product types:

  • Food products
  • Chemical products
  • Alcohol beverages
  • Parapharmaceutics
  • Pet food
  • And much more! You do not believe it? Dazzle us!

The best is yet to come. See our previous packaging designs and check our offer for you!


A project of rebranding of V-max energy drink brand. We refreshed the logo appearance, and adjusted the design to the market trends. We chose a dynamic and bright range of colours.


Creation of the packaging for the free range chicken eggs gave us an opportunity to prepare a modern design, which is an answer to the increase of purchase awareness of the customers that choose quality, ecology and proper animal treatment.


Refreshment of the Orka brand. As the time passed the previous logo lost it’s attractiveness and lightness, and for that reason our task was to create a new branding.


A rebranding project of the vegetable preserves line branded as Pomodore. Creation of the new logotype also resulted in changing the whole label design, which became more distinguishable on the shelf.


A line of fruit drinks for children was created based on the already existing in customers’ subconscious logo. The cartoon characters designed by us, draw the attention of the youngest customers.