5 June 2019
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Accolade Wines

The great book of cocktails

Comprehensive implementation of advertising materials for Accolade Wines. Photo session, the implementation of the catalog of drinks, and animation.


In Poland, we do not drink cocktails, that often. Perhaps because we do not know how to prepare them
with taste. Accolade has approached us with the idea to change this state of affairs. Our main goal was to
prepare a modern catalog of drinks.


It would seem that at this stage, you need to prepare drinks and take a picture of them – simple. That’s true, but before that, you need to think about what these photos will be used for. We started by designing the target publication with the client. There is a different way of doing the photo shoot if the photos are taken with the assumption that they will be embedded on a white background, and completely different one if we know that they will be on a dark background. After carrying out preliminary design work and establishing the assumptions of the photo session, we went to implementation. In this task, as usual, Studio Yummypix helped us with the delivery.


It’s delicious to work with not only great recipes, but also beautiful photos. Our graphic creation department has prepared basic spreads before the session so that we can get the client’s approval on this basis. So, after the session, we have already accepted the entire style, we finished the work on the composition of the publication, and we gave the client both files in PDF format, ultimately online, as well as printing files.


After completing the basic task, we received an additional query. “Could you help us with the implementation of an advertising video for the Ginger Joe brand?” Our response was enthusiastic. Thanks to the fact that we have completed the catalog and we already knew the product well, the entire implementation of this animation closed in five working days. Tasty?