#3D Visualizations
Adobe Photoshop

Board design for Hexarace board game

The creators of the game Hexarace invited us to collaborate on the creation of graphics on the board of their emerging game.



Graphic creation is not easy, and when it has to be highly useful, the topic becomes a puzzle. Fortunately, we like puzzles. Hexarace is a board game about sailing, and discovering new places. It’s a game for the whole family with very interesting motion mechanics and a deep story base. The Hexarace game mechanics included several assumptions such as the ability to view the board from all sides taken into account in design stage and the location of the game in the realities of Polish fauna and flora. At the beginning of the process, we decided to use 3D graphics to search for the form – it was a good lead.


3D Models

Because we knew that board graphics must appeal to young recipients, and that we would need a lot of different, repeatable elements in the future, from which we will be able to build new lands, we focused on the creation of models in 3D. We started to assemble parts of terrain from them. A cove, a place to camp, a forester’s lodge with canoe rental. We also quickly came up with a breakthrough idea. If the camera with a wide angle of view is perfectly positioned above the island, then the perspective distortion will work in each direction, so all the people sitting at the board will have a part that will face them. At all times the creation was supervised by the art director from our design department so that the final board would maintain the character of a drawing/illustration.



When the general layout of the island was implemented and rendered on layers, it was time to highlight the details and finalize the proposal of the creative board in the graphic design department (additional stones, water, footprints on sand, etc.). The process lasted for many hours because we really wanted the most accurate and immersive visual effect.


Key Visual

As a result of our work, the island was created along with the adjacent tiles, which was after short corrections accepted as a visual basis for the whole game. Unfortunately, at subsequent stages of implementation on the client’s side, the game was torn with squalls and as a result did not see the light of day, which does not change the fact that we are proud of this work as a cooperation of design and 3D departments and as … extremely attractive illustration in which we put a lot heart’s.


Thank you!