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Product 3D renders for Lena Lighting

Lena Lighting is our regular customer for whom we make 3D product renders for lamps. In addition, we have expanded our cooperation with architectural renders using LENA lamps and 360 lamp models on websites.



Lena Lighting approached us in early 2018 with a request for help in 3D rendering lamp models. We have started to implement and after a short time we have developed cooperation based on further needs. Today, we’re preparing renders for catalogs, architectural arrangements or 3D models for viewing from every angle on the Lena Lighting website.

Hero Render Shots

Each implementation starts with a simplified project files that are passed to us. On this basis, we make retopology and prepare a model for high resolution renderings. Then we put on the materials, we are thinking for a moment how to show the white lamp on a white background :), and finally we prepare the coherent shots with those already created for other lamps – in order to maintain the communication consistency between the products. This is how a set of basic shots used in the communication of a given lamp is made – hero shot’s.


Explode type render

In the case of some innovations in the world of lamps, what can be seen from the outside is only a “package”. So if we need to communicate the internal advantages of a given frame, we prepare explode renders and graphics with call outs describing the render.



Architectural visualisations with LENA products

How to design the interior for a lamp? The architect cooperating with us, taking into consideration the inspirations selected by Lena Lighting, prepares arrangement concepts. When these are accepted, we go to modeling, shadowing and … yes, lighting! This last stage due to the customer’s industry is extremely demanding but also satisfying once we meet the customer’s requirements and give the product a realistic way of lighting.


Online models

Some fixtures have very small differences between each other within the line (eg Capella) and the best method to make a choice would really be … a visit to the lamp room … or even better, the possibility of fully interactive viewing of the lamp from each side, distance and angle, directly on the manufacturer’s website. The models embedded on the website, which we also deliver, work well here.