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Product catalog and website - Mayon's

Advertising and packshot images for the Olsza Bakery confectionery products. Also the implementation of the product catalog and website design.


Olsza Bakery, conquers the German market with a new range of products called Mayon’s. These are cereal balls with the addition of dried fruits and honey. For this you need photos, catalogs and a website. The initial brief assumed the implementation of all these activities with our Agency, so we started with the photo session based on  initial sketches of the catalog’s design.


We knew that, ultimately, we would like the products on the website to be presented in several forms, which is why each SKU received its own packshot pictures (in the packaging and without), in the collective packaging and a photo on wooden boards. Such a set works well on dynamic websites. The products have received special treatment not only on our side. The Olsza Bakery sent us a transport only for the needs of the photo session. Thanks to this, we had enough product copies to select form – hence, the photos did not have to be corrected at the post-production stage.


When we had all the photos of individual products, we moved to shooting images of the whole range. Such “combinations” are very useful on sliders, but also as full-page dividers in the catalog.


Because the Mayon’s brand already had a clear communication character dictated by the branding style – we decided to continue this trend and proposed a catalog layout consisting of, hand-drawn illustrations over the pictures and the use of handwritten fonts.


At the end, when we already had photos taken during the session and accepted with the client  the basic design of the catalog, we continued this approach during website design stage. As a result, the page at is consistent with the rest of the materials and visually interesting.

Thank You

If we start the project realizing that our task will concern a whole range of materials, and we have the opportunity to influence the various stages of the process – the project is becoming more attractive and we can reduce costs. Then, satisfying and coherent projects arise. It was a very successful cooperation – thank you very much to the team of Olsza Bakery 🙂