Visual Effects

You deserve something special


When the abilities of the filming crew are not enough, we come in. We can always make something special! Our productions reach millions of public TV viewers and Internet users. With us, your film won’t be just a film!How can we surprise you?

  • CGI effects at the post-production stage.
  • Removal of unnecessary elements and inserion of new ones.
  • Combination of special effects, animation and visualization.

Why should you trust us? It’s simple:

  1. We have experience in special effects production and we know what your audience expects.
  1. We put special care into making our effects photorealistic in tiniest detail.
  1. Because we have our own render farm, we can execute your order faster than the competition.
  1. We are cooperating with both advertising companies and TV producers.
  1. We provide professional editing with virtual effects.
  2. We will discuss, plan and test every visual effect thoroughly with you.

Take a look at our previous projects and let us create something special for you!

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Maria Magdalena

Special effects for Maria Magdalena’s (a famous Polish singer, Justyna Steczkowska’s stage name) feature-length music video. We prepared a combination of animated elements and video material – a girl transfering healing energy into a tree.


Miruna – Piotr Sułkowski’s film. In great part, creating the special effects for the film involved digital retouching. The cars moving in the background were removed and the registration plates were changed, so that they would look appropriate to the times the film was set in. The director also asked us to animate a fish taken out of water by the protagonists and to create CG waves on the surface of the sea in the background.

Motorshow 2014

Very often a certain shot looks better on the set than on the editing table. It was the case with a shot for one TV commercial, which we made in 2014. The premise was simple: “it is supposed to be a motorcycle lever”. During editing, however, it turned out that the viewer “has to understand it is a shopping trolley”. The problem was solved by our 3D graphics section.

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